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Improving Your Wellness by Making Good Choices for Your Immune System

Written By TLC Chiropractic on July 30, 2020

rsz 1healthpicYour wellness matters now more than ever. With so much uncertainty in the world thanks to the COVID-19, people are scouring the internet looking for ways to help boost their immune system to remain healthy. 

Making Good Choices for Your Wellness is Simpler Than You Think

Boosting your immune system to improve your overall wellness is much easier than you may think. Chances are, you are already practicing several of the most common ways to boost your immune system, such as regularly exercising and eating a healthy, well-balanced diet

If you’re curious about what you could add to your current plan, consider adding some of these to your daily routine:

  • Prebiotics 
  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamins C-rich foods, such as kiwi, oranges, broccoli or cantaloupe 
  • Garlic

If you’re already on top of your exercise and nutrition, then another way you can help improve your overall wellness is getting enough sleep. While the recommended number of hours ranges per individual, most adults should average seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Children between the ages of three and 12 should average 10-12 hours a night, while teens should average at least eight to nine hours. 

Chiropractic Can Help Boost Your Immune System

While adequate sleep and exercise, paired with a well-balanced diet all play a vital role in your overall wellness, you must maintain your body in other ways to help keep your immune system functioning at its best. 

That often means checking on your physical and mental stress as these can play a massive role in how your immune system is functioning. In fact, stress on the body can lead to several problems, including:

  • Muscle pain/tension
  • Chronic headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Problems sleeping
  • Changes in sex drive and more

Each of these areas can be directly correlated to stress on your nervous system, and one of the best ways to help correct these issues is through regular chiropractic care. 

Boost Your Wellness with Chiropractic Care 

Chiropractic care offers several treatment options to help you keep your wellness in check and boost your immune system. Treatment methods can include:

Amp Up Your Wellness Practices at TLC Chiropractic in Tallahassee, FL

If your feeling sluggish, then you may need some help boosting your immune system. The team at TLC Chiropractic can help you devise a care plan to boost your overall wellness and get you feeling better.

If you’re looking to boost your overall wellness, then call our office today at (850) 222-5700 to schedule your appointment.

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